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The first image here is of Gekko's 'last print', or at least that is how the story goes. This print was issued with a second sheet containing photos and a list of worthies including a Governor General, Peers of the Realm, Professors and lecturers, a poet and our man Gekko, who were presumably sponsors of the print and fans of the virtues of the 47 ronin.There was probably a third sheet of inscriptions or verse as well. In the composition Ôishi Uchi-Kuranosuke advances first to pray respects before the grave of their late master Asano Takumi no Kami Naganori at the Sengaku Temple on the 15th day, twelfth month of Genroku 15 (1702), offering up the head of leader Kira Kôsuke no suke Yoshinaka. A beautifully executed and extremely rare print.

last print


The next image is an absolutely huge print which in real life is mounted like a scroll painting. It was probably printed around 1900



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