Ogata Gekko gekko portrait Bijin Meisho Awase

The Bijin Meisho Awase or Beautiful Women at Famous Places is generally listed as a series of 12 triptych prints. However the actuality is a little more complex, the first 6 prints are actually titled Hana bijin meisho awase and were issued from September 1895 to October the following year. The series continued under the title Bijin meisho awase, these were issued from May 1897 to May 1901. The prints are beautifully detailed, several prints come in variant colors and the thickness of the washi (paper) also varies between editions. This page was updated April 2019.



Kameido no Fuji: Wisteria Blossoms at Kameido Shrine

This area is a very popular one illustrated by many artists over the years



Takinokawa no kōyō: Autumn Colours at Takinokawa



Horikiri no shōbu: Iris at Horikiri



Kameido Ryūgenji no Hagi: Kameido  Ryugan Temple and Clover Bushes

Color variants exist



Kameido garyūbai: Dragon Plum Trees at Kameido



Azumadai no sakurabana: Cherry blossoms at Azumadai

A marvellous depiction of children dancing amongst the cherry blossoms, at least 2 color variants exist



Kuroda oki Hyakka en Nana kusa : The 7 Flowers of Autumn Hyakka Kuroda

In this image each of the traditional 7 plants of autumn is shown, 6 are named



Bokutei no sekkei 墨堤の雪景: Snowy Scene Along the Embankment of the Sumida River



Tonegawa Koiryo: Fishing for Carp on the Tonegawa River



Sekiguchi no Bashōan: The Bashō Pavilion at Sekiguchi



Dangozaka no kiku: Chrysanthemums at Dangozakaiku



Iriya no asagao: Morning Glories at Iriya


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