Pictorial Depictions of Famous Places in Japan

The sole volume of 'Pictorial Descriptions of Famous Places of Japan' was published in December 1887. In the advertisement for this series the publisher makes a clear statement of intent:

It is generally admitted that Japan is a very beautiful country, if not the most beautiful in the world. In this work, then, the reader will be treated with a view of a hundred of the most beautiful places, in the beautiful land”.


This book is 25cms by 17.5 cms in dimension and contains 10 double page color illustrations and approximately 60 pages of text to accompany the illustrations. Seven of the illustrations were done by Gekko, the remainder by Kobayashi Eitaku (1843-1890).


Asakusa Temple

golden temple

The Golden Temple

Island of E

Island of E(noshima)

Kamo river

Kamo River

Mt Yoshino

Mount Yoshino





text example

Text Example