Ogata Gekko gekko portrait Albums

The print sets presented here were all issued as albums, containing twelve prints in the 19cms x 26 cms chuban size. Some prints can also be found as single sheets and less commonly oban size pages with two prints will turn up. There is a common theme to each set, although at times it seems a little contrived.The albums are not easy to find and I am not able to present all the images from the series. I have no images from one album that reportedly exists, this album is supposedly titled 'Touto Funseki Meisho', if you know any more about it please contact me. Below are illustrative images from seven albums. More images from each album can be found by clicking on the title image.

Taikoki no Uchi



Bijutsu Gahou (An album of fine art)



Chuushingura (The tale of the 47 Ronin)



Fujin Juunishi (Women and the Zodiac)



Kabuki Rekishi (Pictures of Kabuki)



Nihon jo reikshiki (Etiquette for Japanese Ladies)



Nisshin sensou (Sino-japanese war)

nisshin sensou