Ogata Gekko gekko portrait Seishin Bidan

The Seishin Bidan (A Collection of Beautiful Tales of Valour) Laudable Anecdotes from the Sino-Japanese War, A Mirror of Glory is an unusual series. Published during the Sino-Japanese war 1894-1895 the story cartouche is printed in both Japanese and English. Each cartouche highlights the exploits of one or more individuals at some point in the war. In most cases the individual/s are named, in some prints they are simply identified as sailors,policemen or a ships officer.

Published by Yokoyama Ryohachi, twenty five prints are presented here, the total number of prints in the series is unknown.

captain matsuzaki1.Captain Matsuzaki


Colonel Sato2. Colonel Sato


commander uchida3. Commander Uchida


Count Oyama4.Count Oyama


ensign omari5.Ensign Omari


Fujima Kanimitsu6.Fujima Kanimitsu


yamaji7.Lt General Yamaji


harada8.Harada Jukichi


Hosoi Yasaburo9. Hosoi Yasaburo




Lieutenant Takemouchi11. Lieutenant Takemouchi


Minister Otori12. Minister Otori


onoguchi13. Onoguchi Takuji


sawagashira14. Sawagashira Unosuke


kawasaki15. Sergeant Kawasaki


yokoi16. Sergeant Yokoi


shirakami17. Shirakami Genjiro


ss akagi18. SS Akagi


SS Matsushima19. SS Matsushima


saito20. Major Saito


2 policemen21. Two policemen


fujita22. Fujita Ukichi


Higashibata Rinpei23. Higashibata Rinpei


Lt General Noju 24.Lt General Noju


Taterni25.Maj Gen Taterni